The first official video of Ashok Darji is out now

If you regularly browse Facebook and Youtube, then Ashok Darji must not be a new name for you. Yes, we are taking about the same viral kid who is taking over the internet in last one month or so with his amazing singing skill. The kid who is all over the social media for over a month has now come out with his original track Man Bina ko Dhan.

Check the heck out below.

The video has already got 1.5 million views in just 2 days and is getting even more.

The song is written by Bi Raaj Nepal. Sung by Ashok Darji along with Tanka Budathoki; the music for the song is composed by Budathoki himself. Turns out, this Rupai Mohani singer Tanka is multi-talented. Not only did he sing and compose music, but has also arranged, mixed and mastered the track. That’s not it, he has also edited and directed the music video shot by Bhupendra Tumbahamphe.

Talking about Ashok, he was dropped out of school when he was in grade 2, however, a school in Urlabari has given him a scholarship and he will be going to school again. He was seen last year on social media singing some hindi and nepali songs and this year he has gained wide popularity and making his way to singing career and bright future with no doubt.

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