Jali Khel by Sarun Tamrakar released

Sarun Tamrakar is a well-known musician from his prior band, The Uglyz, which debuted in 2005. Since moving to Sydney, he has formed new band KINA. The band recently released “Jali Khel”, a song dedicated to those fighting mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

When asked about his inspiration for the song, Sarun shared his past, explaining that he was oblivious to mental health issues and made the mistake of putting those suffering from them into a box, judging them as “pagal” and avoiding interactions with them. He admitted the way he acted was due to his lack of knowledge and the negative connotations of the word “pagal” in society. He was not even aware of the existence of suicide until Kurt Cobain’s passing in 1994. Sarun took “Jali Khel” as a chance to clear his conscience and spread awareness for mental illness.

When writing the lyrics, Sarun tried to write through the eyes of someone living with mental illness, and it shines through. The song’s words are heart-wrenching, screaming for respite from dark thoughts plaguing the mind, and its melody begins gently but progresses into a chorus which has a powerful effect on the listener.
Sarun recognizes that mental disorders manifest in different ways and wishes that his song will help those who suffer from them feel validated. He hopes that everyone will treat people suffering from mental disorders properly and not brand them as “pagal”, instead seeking to help them in any way they can or guide them to professional help.


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