Niruta Singh expresses her interest in making a comeback to silverscreen

In the history of the Nepali film industry, Niruta Singh is a figurehead who more than holds her own. Known for being one of the best and finest actresses that the industry has ever seen, most of her movies have broken records and gained unparalleled popularity and fame. In her heyday, she even earned as much as male artists that worked alongside her.

In recent years, however, Niruta Singh’s career has gone quiet. As times changed, she decided to take a break from filming and moved to work and live in India. Unfortunately, her career took a downhill turn there, and she took a break from being in the center of the spotlight of the celebrity scene for a while.
However, it seems like Niruta may be ready to return to the limelight. She has continued to be invited to award programs in Sikkim and also the United Arab Emirates, and in her most recent appearance, her singing voice wowed the audience and she was given an encore as listeners asked her to sing again. Being in the spotlight, and at an awards program no less, brought back memories for her of her time in the movie and film world, especially as she sat down to dinner with other artists and actors from Nepal who were big at the same time as she.
She has since displayed some interest in interviews about returning to the movie industry, but she is not in a rush to do so. She is awaiting the arrival of the perfect movie or story for her, as she knows that breaking back into the scene with a lackluster performance will not bode well for her. Her fans and audience are eagerly awaiting her return, though, and hopefully that return will happen soon!

Rumors are spreading that this may happen sooner than later, as a photo of her with actress Priyanka Chopra’s mother was posted online, and some believe she will be starring in a movie produced by the Bollywood star’s parent.

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