Popular Nepali weddings of 2017

The world loves to hear about celebrity romances. Here are some of the notable famous marriages that happened in 2017.
To kick star the year, actress Tejula Khatiwada tied the knot with Suman Raj Basnet on the 18th of February. The celeb is known for being in movies like Just For You and The Most Wanted.
In May, Chandani Sharma, a newcomer to Nepal’s acting scene, married Ajay Pokharel. Now residing in Australia, her career began with Stupid Man and she is set to appear in Lamfu.

June 30 was a big day for Nisha Adhikari, a high-profile actress and producer who made her union with Sharad Veshwakar, a famous cricket athlete. This marriage was excessively covered due to the combined stars’ fame, and Nisha is currently five months pregnant.
At the end of the year, Raj Ballay Koirala, an actor whose career has slowed down considerably since he moved to America, married Pramita Bimali. The wedding took place on December 7.
Miss Nepal 2015, Evana Manandhar, also got married this year to husband Pragun. Her wedding was low profile as she does not often appear in the celebrity world.
Actress Nishma Ghimire also wedded this year to Gamvir Bista, a choreographer. Nishma is known for appearing in many films, including Love You Baba, Rhythm, and Janmabhumi.
In addition, the lavish marriage of president Bidhya Devi Bhandari’s daughter Nisha Kusum Bhandari to Abhishek Yadav happened in January, which was an exciting news event for many.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 holds in store for celebrity romance!


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