Relationships of Nepali celebrities that ended in 2017

Marriage can be fleeting in the celebrity world. As we enter 2018, let’s take a look at some of the celebrity divorces that occurred last year. Three of the most high-profile celeb splits were those of actress Arunima Lamsal, singer Milan Amatya, and actress Reema Biswokarma.

Arunima Lamsal’s divorce has not been confirmed publicly as of now. Although the actress has been quick to deny rumors of trouble in paradise, it has been a long time since she has been seen with her husband either publicly, in programs, or in family photos, leading many to believe that the marriage has indeed come to an end. No cause of the divorce has been given. Arunima now resides with her family and daughter in America.
Singer Milan Amatya’s romance also drew to a close last year. The split happened prior to Dashain, with Milan travelling to her mother’s home to celebrate the occasion. While she has given confirmation of the divorce, Milan has yet to provide a reason for the sad occurrence and has denied rumors that she has a new lover. She and her ex-husband were married for six years.

Another marriage that met its end was that of actress Reema Biswokarma and Robert BK, who tied the knot in 2015. Robert has swiftly moved on and has since become engaged to his new partner, a model. Meanwhile, Reema has denied commenting on the ending of her short-lived union, although she has confirmed it. No reports have surfaced that suggest third party involvement as a cause for the marriage’s demise.

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