Timi Pani – Nepali short film by Hongkong Youths

Three hundred hours’ worth of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. In the vast amount of online content, it’s not often that you come across a video by a Nepali creator, let alone one that tackles the nitty gritty of real life, difficult, and sometimes taboo issues.

If you’re lucky, one of the videos you would have stumbled upon that matches this description is “You Too?”, which is a title that carries more weight than you may realize at first. The video was created by a group of young Nepalis residing in Hong Kong and was inspired by the #MeToo movement, which deals with sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse is never an easy topic to discuss, especially on a film medium. It’s an important subject and must be handled as such, and it’s easy to feel nervous about any video that tries to tackle it. But this video, which translates to “Timi Pani?” in Nepali, is everything you could hope for in a medium of its magnitude. The acting is solid, the language is carefully crafted, and the ever-serious issue was handled beautifully.

The video shows three friends who are having a simple conversation that slowly spirals into a deeper discussion, leading to a shocking revelation and heartbreaking recounts from the past. It deals with sexual abuse as it happens to both men and women and expresses the repercussions in a very realistic and eye-opening way. If you have not had the chance to see it, give the video a watch here.

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