Trailer of Anmol KC’s KRI released

Audiences everywhere have been anxiously awaiting the comeback of Anmol KC, the famous heartthrob actor and superstar in his own right. He has been set to return to movies with KRI, a heavy-hitting, action-packed, wild ride of a film directed by Surenda Poudel. The film is highly anticipated among fans, who are eager to see Anmol’s new character.
The trailer released for the movie has sent audiences into a frenzy again with its content. It showcases Anmol’s character bravely and brutally fighting his way through a mission to rescue his love and seek revenge. In plenty of scenes, he shows his development from a scrawny young boy to a muscled, ripped man, punching his way to victory as he fights adversaries. It’s safe to say that many of Anmol’s fans will be swooning at the visuals from start to finish!
Aditi Budhathoki stars as the love interest of Anmol’s character, while Anoop Bikram Shahi shines as the plot’s main villain. The three actors seem to have great chemistry onscreen, with their dynamics easily bouncing off of one another in their roles.

It seems everyone can’t wait to see this movie hit the silver screen, and it is set to make a ripple with fans outside of Nepal, too. The movie will be hitting cinemas on the 9th of February 2018. Still not sure what all the fuss is about because you have yet to watch the epic trailer? Check it out hereand see for yourself!

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